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How To Choose The Most Appropriate Dental Floss for You?

It is common to face cavities, gum problems, toothache and bad breath. Most people do not care much about their teeth until the issues aggravate so much that they get unbearable. Then they would go on the internet and search for “dentist near me“. However, every dentist recommends flossing to help prevent such issues and clean deeper than the toothbrush.

Suppose you are wondering what dental floss is. In that case, Wikipedia describes, “Dental floss helps in interdental cleaning thus removing food and dental plaque from between teeth, places a toothbrush has difficulty reaching, or is unable to reach.”

Choosing the correct dental floss seems overwhelming to many. Each person has a different dental setting, and there are quite a few types of dental floss. Read more about the different types of dental floss, how they work, and decide which is best suited for your requirements and needs.

Different Types of Dental Floss And Their Work

Each kind of dental floss has a different job.

Dental Tape

Made up of polythene fibre or waxed nylon, dental tapes are one millimetre broader than dental floss. It has a flat surface that helps the tape glide between the teeth easily, and it also does not snap against the gum-like dental floss often does. Dental tapes work best for teeth with wider spaces or gaps.

Super Floss

If you have larger gaps between the teeth, super floss will be useful to you. It is often used to clean dental bridges or braces. It has three components, spongy floss, a stiff ended dental floss threader, regular floss or spongy floss. All of these work together, providing maximum benefits.

Waxed floss

This one contains a layer of wax. This wax makes it thicker than regular places, and that aspect becomes useful while sliding into tight spaces. It is also generally stronger than regular floss and does not break easily.

Floss Picks

This is a small plastic tool with a curved end holding a dental floss piece. On the other end, a tiny plastic pick can replace wooden or plastic toothpicks. These Floss picks are useful while travelling or teaching children the flossing technique. It also works well for larger gaps in the teeth.

What Would Suit You?

You might be wondering which floss to pick. You have to understand your unique dental type to choose what works for you. You might like floss picks if you travel often. However, if you have any small spaces between the teeth, you might go for waxed floss. You might find dental floss useful if there are spots with a lot of space, wider gaps; using dental tape or super floss can help you keep your mouth squeaky clean.

Final Thoughts

However, your dentist would be the best person to help you select the floss that would be the most appropriate one for you. They would also help you plan an effective oral care routine.

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