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A Quick Guide To Dental Implants

Auckland dental implants specialists are experts in replacing your missing or damaged teeth with dental implants. Dental implants are tooth roots that are artificially made to create a foundation for the teeth that got replaced. These are fixed on the jawbone, unlike crowns, dentures or bridges and offer a solution that is likely to be permanent.

Dental implants are a screw-like metal placed in the root of the tooth that is missing.

After the metal is put into place, an artificial crown or tooth resembling your teeth is placed over the metal. Dental implants are also used as bases or foundations for dentures for bridges, and they can replace a set of teeth or a single tooth.

Dental Implant Components

 There are three components of dental implants. These are :

  • Implant: A screw that gets attached permanently to the jaw and gives a firm base for the new teeth.
  • Abutment: a connector between the replacement tooth and the implant.
  • Crown: the replacement tooth made of zirconium or porcelain. This is the part that is visible and is customized to suit you.

When Is The Right Time To Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are used in different situations for different treatment needs. If one or more teeth is lost and your jawbone has attained maturity, implants can be the best possible treatment option available for you.

However, the dentist will assess the situation beforehand by seeing if there is enough bone to set the implants up. If there is not enough bone for securing the implants, they might opt for bone grafting.

The dentist will also need to assess if your mouth has sufficient healthy tissue. Your health assessment will also need to understand if you will have a speedy recovery from the bone grafting process. Other factors will also be considered that affect the length of the treatment process. The dentist will then craft a treatment plan for you, provided that you are a suitable candidate for the dental implant procedure.

Dental Implants : Process Preparation

Below are a few things that can help you prepare for the process if you and your dentist decide on the implants.

  • A thorough dental x-ray or examination is done first.
  • The dentist might make models of your mouth structure.
  • The dentist will review your medical history to check that you are medically fit for the dental implant. Also, you might be asked questions about any current medication
  • After gathering your medical history and present condition, you will be offered a dental plan.
  • The dentist will offer a customized treatment plan that will be for your situation and requirements, specially designed to reach a healthy solution for your dental needs.

Final Thoughts

Before you go for a dental implant, have a detailed conversation with your dentist around the dental repair plan before deciding. Only a professional dentist will be able to perform a tooth replacement and guarantee you with an enticing smile.

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