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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Skin Tightening Treatment

Laser skin tightening is a special procedure for the face that rejuvenates skin effectively by tightening the loose skin. Loose skin and wrinkles treatment can be done with laser tightening; it makes your skin smooth, thus reducing the signs of aging.

The laser skin tightening Toronto procedure is a minimally invasive non-surgical process where an infrared light source is used. Laser heat is produced under the collagen of the skin so that the skin can be tightened.

It tightens skin by heating the collagen of the skin to tighten. The result of tight skin can be seen immediately after the treatment without taking any downtime. It is an FDA approved treatment for diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and tightening sagging skin. The best benefit of a skin tightening treatment is enhancing the skin’s overall appearance and consistency. A cold blower is used on the skin to enhance patient health and comfort, as well as eye protection is worn during treatment.

Who can get skin tightening treatment?

Skin tightening treatments is suitable for both men and women, with all skin types and skin colors from ages 30-60. Please consider this procedure the skin if:

  • Your face, neck, arms, and abdomen have loose skin
  • You want to improve your skin quality.
  • You have residual skin laxity
  • You can’t take a more invasive procedure to fix laxity in your skin.
  • You are not pregnant
  • For the past six months, you have not had Accutane therapy
  • There’s no metal in your body (steel rod, pacemaker, etc.).
  • You have no epileptic background
  • You have no serious diabetes that is out of control

What to anticipate from the skin tightening procedure?

You have to remove any substance that is on the skin like makeup, oil, cream, etc before the beginning of the skin tightening procedure. Both a freshly applied anesthetic cream and protective eyewear will be sent to you from the doctor. Because of its non-ablative nature, no further anesthetics are required. You may take a counter pain reliever before the procedure if you have a low tolerance of discomfort.

The doctor uses a handpiece in the procedure to administer short energy pulses on to the skin. Practitioners may need to take sessions 3-4 times for optimum performance. Such sessions depend on the area to be treated and usually last 30 minutes to one hour. The side effects of this procedure are minor, such as slight swelling or redness of the skin.

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