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Top Reasons Why You May Want To Become A Pharmacist!

The healthcare sector has numerous roles, and if you are interested in medicine and drugs, pharmacy might be a suitable allied branch to consider. In simple words, a pharmacist is responsible for ensuring safe and effective use of various medications. In this post, we are sharing top reasons why you may want to become a pharmacist.

  1. Because you can do so much more

So, what can you do with a pharmacy degree? Well, pharmacists do a wide range of jobs within the healthcare industry. They could be working at various healthcare facilities, might be involved in further studies & research, may deal in sales, may work closely with physicians at a hospital, or could be employed by pharmaceutical companies. If healthcare is your area of interest, becoming a pharmacist might be the right option.

  1. Because you like to work with patients directly

If you are empathetic to patients and would like to serve them in person, being a pharmacist may allow you to achieve that dream. Pharmacists are employed by healthcare facilities, to help patients understand medications, prescriptions, and how to use prescription drugs safely. As required, you may be asked to administer certain medications to some patients, depending on the illness and nature of the case.

  1. Because the demand is constant

The healthcare sector is constantly looking for staff, and pharmacists are always in demand. In the US, most pharmacists make considerable money, and they have a wide range of roles to consider. The 2020 pandemic has shown us that frontline healthcare workers are required more than ever before. If job security and financial freedom are your top priorities, pharmacy is an ideal career choice.

  1. Because you are interested in research

If you want to advance ahead in medicine, you could have an important role to play in the pharmaceutical world. Pharma companies employ pharmacists for different research and development roles, and their work is critical not just for these companies, but doctors, research scientists and patients alike.

Becoming a pharmacist

Now that you know the basics, check online for pharmacy colleges. Make sure to select an institution that’s known, credible. Check if they ask for a bachelor’s degree, which may be desirable, if not compulsory. PCAT is no longer required for many colleges, and for most colleges, you don’t need any pharmacy experience either. Some colleges do ask for letters of recommendations, while others don’t.

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