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Aptihealth Invokes Innovative Solutions for Mental Health Services in New York State

Mental health services have grown increasingly important as our understanding of mental health has increased. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever were introduced to the beneficial impacts of virtual healthcare. Taking the baton and running with it, Aptihealth endeavors to provide all-acuity virtual therapy to residents throughout New York State.

Emphasizing the effective, easy-to-access platform, Aptihealth showcased its fast patient therapy integration and seamless connectivity to help patients find the help they need to live better.

Importance of Mental Health Support

Before delving into the mental health services provider, Aptihealth, we must understand how mental health services have grown in importance. Approximately 50 million adults in the United States alone are coping with challenges about their mental health. Fewer than half of that number has ever received any treatment.

Some perceived barriers impact the ability of individuals to find support, including:

  • Mental Health Stigma – Nearly a third of the US population worries that they will be judged should they seek mental health services. Erasing this stigma is integral to getting people the help that they need.
  • Minimal Awareness – Individuals interested in mental services might need more knowledge to find the best solutions.
  • Long Waiting Times – Nearly 98 million Americans reported having to wait at least several weeks for support for their mental health. Individuals with low income or those living in rural areas may find the long wait too much of a barrier to finding help.

Growing Mental Health Services

Aptihealth was founded in 2017, but they have been tirelessly growing alongside increased digital adoption of mental health services. There are a few reasons why more people than ever seek support from providers like Aptihealth.

A few reasons for expansion within the mental health services field include

  • Digital Tech Adoption – Aptihealth seized on the potential of digital technology for therapeutic applications, developing a seamless experience that is HIPAA-compliant and accessible on Windows and iOS.
  • Better Insurance – Most insurance plans have limited mental health coverage. Changes to federal legislation have led to mandates leading to more mental health coverage for patients.
  • Social Stigma Reduction – Finally, the cultural battle against stigmas about mental health seems to be changing for the better.

How Aptihealth Can Help

Aptihealth is a remote provider of virtual mental health services. Prioritizing convenient and accessible care, Aptihealth invokes digital services to connect as quickly as possible with patients in need. Aptihealth is based out of New York State, catering directly to residents of New York State.

Aptihealth prides itself on offering quick and convenient sign-up processes so patients can immediately get the help they seek. After patients are matched with a therapist, they will schedule their session via the platform. Regular sessions alongside a personalized Aptihealth Care Plan bring change to individual patients.

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