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Incontinence and Its Treatments: How It Impacts Your Life

Incontinence can cause rejection and social exclusion, dependency, lack of control and can even create issues with the body’s appearance if incontinence is not handled properly. Likewise, if the issue isn’t well handled, the patient may be exhausted by the stress resulting from the changes in life and relationships, the financial strain of the continuous treatment, and the increasing expense of cleaning clothes and bedding. Many people suffer from skin infections because of excessive exposure to moisture. Bacterial or fungal infections can often arise even as the skin comes into contact with bacteria and waste products. There are surgical and Non-Surgical Incontinence treatment is available.

What are the primary causes?

Urinary incontinence can be due to daily activities, underlying medical issues, or physical issues. Your doctor will make a detailed assessment and find out what is behind your incontinence.

  • Daily activities: it is usually temporary and happens due to the consumption of Alcohol, Caffeine, Carbonated drinks and sparkling water, Artificial sweeteners, Chocolate, Chili peppers, Foods that are more spicy, sugary, or acidic, especially citrus fruits, Heart and blood pressure medications, sedatives, and muscle relaxants, and Large doses of vitamin C.
  • Medical condition: Urinary tract infection and Constipation, but they are treatable.
  • Persistent urinary incontinence: it happens due to Pregnancy, Childbirth, aging, Menopause, Enlarged prostate, Prostate cancer, Obstruction, and Neurological disorders.

How it can be treated?

It can be treated surgically and non-surgically. It depends on the patient’s choice, medical history, or severity of the issue.

  1. Non-invasive laser treatment: Many women have laxity in their vagina and mild urine leakage, so they are suggested to undergo non-invasive and non-surgical laser therapy. Non-invasive treatment in aesthetic gynecology uses advanced thermal laser energy for strengthening, toning, and restoring the tissues associated with it. The discomfort and long healing from incisions do not happen in such therapy.

  1. Surgical Treatment: stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is prevalent in postpartum females and, as vaginal laxity restricts sensations and sexual satisfaction. The tightening of internal tissues using surgical vaginal rejuvenation offers better protection for the bladder and improves sex life. Before trying surgical, you must go for non-surgical treatments as they are pain-free and no downtime is required. However, in surgical procedures, patients have to follow recovery instructions, get off from the work and avoid daily activities until fully recovered. This is the preferred choice for those who crossed their 50’s and SUI is quite severe.

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