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What is The Best Marijuana For Pain Relief?

Medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the traditional pain-relieving medication such as opioids. Cannabis can offer relief for certain kinds of pain, including inflammation, chronic pain, and pain due to nerve damage. Chronic pain affects many people today and most cases are due to long-term disability. As there is anecdotal

evidence regarding the effectiveness of marijuana in treating chronic pain, more patients are turning towards this natural alternative.

There are different strains of medical marijuana available in weed stores. Various strains

are best suited for multiple purposes. For instance, you may want different types of marijuana to elevate your moods, treat insomnia, or manage chronic pain. Here are some of the best kinds if you are experiencing chronic pain.

1.Sour Diesel

This Sativa cannabis strain is potent thus will give you a lot of energy. As it is a THC strain, you will also get an uplifting high. If you want pain relief in addition to a mindful high, this

is the right strain for you. Sour Diesel has always been in demand; therefore, you will find it more readily.


2.White Widow

White Widow gets its name from its crystal resin and white buds. This is a potent cannabis strain, but it is not ideal if you are a beginner. The dominant compound in this hybrid is Indica. An Indica hybrid is different from an Indica strain in that it minimizes the couch-lock effect.White Widow is common; therefore, you will have an easier time finding it at the pot shop in your locality.

If you need a relaxing strain that will enable you to sleep off your pains and aches, then you should try out White Widow.  Furthermore, if you experience anxiety and insomnia in addition to chronic pain, this strain will give impressive results. Lastly, White Widow will provide you with a sense of euphoria, giving you a sense of happiness as you fall asleep.


This is a popular marijuana strain that has been a favorite among marijuana users since the

The ’70s. It is a high CBD and THC strain. The CBD in Blueberry takes away some of the effects from THC, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. As Blueberry is a Sativa strain, it will help alleviate any pain and aches you have been experiencing for a long time.

You won’t feel very sleepy after using Blueberry. If you choose to take it during the day, ensure that you have nothing planned out for the rest of the day.

4.Cataract Kush

Cataract Kush is a highly potent cannabis strain, and it offers you quick pain relief. Therefore, if you experience chronic pain that sometimes gets excruciatingly impossible, this is the right strain.As a beginner, you could try the other less potent strains before trying this particular one.

Chronic pain can disrupt your normal day-to-day functioning. Luckily, you do not need to

suffer from your pain much longer as medical cannabis offers you a remedy. Since it is natural, it means that you will not have to deal with harmful side effects.

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