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Why Choose Expert Surgeon For Hair Transplant Procedure?

Every surgery demands expertise and skilful hands but the cosmetic surgeries lot more than just the surgical skills. Cosmetic surgeries are performed for aesthetic purposes thus sense of art and artistic hands are highly demanding. Expertise of the surgeon makes them unique in their work and creates a distinct identity in the world of peer surgeons for which a surgeon could deliver incredible results but on the other hand an equally educated surgeon could only provide satisfactory outcomes.

So when it comes to hair transplant, it is inevitable that everyone desire to have an impeccable outcomes and not just satisfactory. For the best hair transplant outcomes you definitely need an expert hair transplant surgeon that has huge experience, creative skilled hands and excellent surgical hand.

The hair transplant in Delhi has become highly popular and has come a long way in terms of advancements. The city is jewelled with few of the world class hair transplant surgeons that are well known for their expertise and skills. Dr Suneet Soni is one among those top hair transplant surgeons that has worldwide reputation and fame because of the astonishing surgical skills and artistic sensibility to design hairline.

Dr Suneet Soni is the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi who has been widely approached by hundreds of patients every year globally and has performed more than 5000 hair transplant with incredible results by now.

So it is definite that the hair transplant will be a worthy procedure when performed by only expert hands otherwise predictable of successful outcomes is questionable.  Here is the list presenting few of the important factors for which you should choose an expert hair transplant surgeon:

  1. To ensure the permanent outcomes: The hair transplant procedure can successfully provide permanent outcomes as the procedure involves the harvesting and transplantation of only DHT resistant hair follicular grafts. The expert hair transplant surgeon judiciously selects the donor area and then transplant only the permanent roots at the bald area ensuring the permanent outcomes. Including, it is essential to avoid over harvesting of the hair grafts from the donor area as it can violate the safe donor area and then negatively influence the permanency of the outcomes.
  2. To assure natural looking results: The hair transplant results look absolutely natural if performed by expert hands. The hairline designing is an essential component of a successful hair transplant procedure without which it is defined as a failed hair transplant. There are certain principles to design the hairline which includes proper angulations of the hair grafts, proper arrangement of the hair grafts and proper selection of the hair grafts to deliver maximum possible hair density and natural looking results. The front line and the temporal triangle demand the sparse and random hair orientation in order to achieve natural looks and on the other side the rear lines demand dense hair density to deliver the fuller look.
  3. To minimize the damage rate of the hair grafts: It is definite that expert hands would minimize the damage to hair grafts which in turn is essential to achieve the maximum possible hair density. The harvesting, transplantation and the handling of the hair grafts are all essential steps to minimize the damage to hair grafts which should be performed by expert and experienced hands. Each of the hair transplant technique needs extreme precision as the hair grafts are very tiny and any form of mishandling can damage them and thus affects the outcomes.
  4. To ensure the maximum density possible: Everyone desire of a high density hair transplant these days which might or might not be possible based on the situation of the donor and the recipient area. The prediction of outcomes is made before performing the procedure during the primary consult when the patients are well informed whether they can receive high density hair transplant or not. If yes then it needs an expert precision to provide such outcomes as least damage rate and extensive harvesting is required in such cases along with preserving the donor site. Thus, you should carefully select your hair transplant surgeon when you wish to have incredibly looking high density hair transplant.
  5. To provide a pain free hair transplant: Most of the hair loss sufferers’ step back from the hair transplant procedure thinking of the pain associated with the procedure. There is good news for them that you just need to choose an expert surgeon and they can perform the hair transplant with complete pain free approach. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia followed by which you would not even feel a pinch of pain during the complete procedure.

Dr Suneet Soni has developed a special cocktail of the anaesthetic agents which needs to inject only once prior to the procedure at the donor and the recipient site and no further injections are required. The duration of action of the anaesthetic agent is around 9 – 12 hours which is way more than the time used to provide the most extensive hair transplant.

  1. For a negligible scarring at the donor area: Under expert hands you can be assured that the results you will achieve will be almost scar free. Either FUT or FUE technique, no matter which technique the expert hair transplant surgeon use the advanced approached are available to heal the donor area with almost invisible scarring.


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