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What to Expect During Alcohol Rehabilitation

Recently, rehabilitation centres have gained a lot of fame. This can be attributed to the rising numbers of alcoholics and drug addicts. These centres are critical, and they help addicts to overcome addiction and live a more meaningful life. During the recovery process, addicts undergo various processes and engage in numerous activities. These may include detoxification, therapy sessions and aftercare.

Why seek professional help for addiction?    

Addiction recovery is a complicated process, and overcoming this by yourself can be a real challenge. There’s no need to fret though! Many professionals like the orange county rehab are willing to help you out. There are numerous benefits of seeking help from a rehabilitation centre, and one is the drug detox. This helps dilute the amount of alcohol in your system. The procedure is performed by health care specialists who will also help you deal with any withdrawal symptoms.

A rehabilitation centre also allows you time to heal. It’s easy to keep off alcohol when away from friends and other alcoholics at home. This also avoids most of the triggers, making you less likely to relapse. What’s more? You enjoy therapy sessions and group activities that help you overcome your addiction.

What should I expect during alcohol rehabilitation?

You’ll undergo various processes to help you overcome your cravings. These include drug detoxification, group sessions and many other activities to calm you down.

  1. Alcohol detoxification

This is the initial step of the recovery process in a rehabilitation centre. It’s a way of cleansing your body from the toxins accumulated from alcohol consumption. During the process, you’ll feel anxious and experience depressive feelings. You also expect mood swings, as your body fights the urge to drink.

Other things to expect are;

  • Sweat and chills
  • Seizures or blackouts-in extreme cases
  • Irritability

It’s very easy to experience relapses during this period. And this is one of the reasons why the detox process should be done at a rehabilitation centre. Again, it’s dangerous to perform a drug detox at home.

  1. Counseling therapy

You’ll also undergo counseling sessions. These can be group or one-on-one meetings. The sittings will equip you with information on how to avoid relapses, and the triggers to avoid. They also cover the causes and effects of alcoholism.

  1. Problem identification

During the individual therapy sessions, you’ll identify the issues and problems that led you to alcoholism. This helps you to come up with solutions on how to best deal with your issues. In the group sessions, you share your journey as an alcoholic. You also listen to stories from others, thus support each other.

  1. Aftercare period

The aftercare period exposes you to myriad challenges. During this period, you go back your usual routine, and will likely watch others drink. This is time to practice what you leant in the previous sessions to avoid relapses.

The bottom line

Seeking help from a rehabilitation centre is a wise decision. You’ll get professional help and information on how to overcome your problem. Rehabs allow you ample time to overcome alcohol addiction away from the day-to-day triggers. And this minimizes the chances of relapses.

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