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Trauma and Addiction: How Traumatic Events Lead to Addiction, and What is the Best Type of Therapy?

Traumatic events have a lot of power over us. Whether we had a near-death experience in our childhood, or witnessed an act of violence as a young adult, situations like these can have a big impact on how we see the world, other people, and ourselves. Addiction is a very common thing to develop when we have gone through a traumatic event. In some cases, trauma can lead to drug abuse or alcoholism. According to the AMA, there is a link between addiction and trauma. If you or a loved one is battling a substance abuse problem due to trauma, they need to work with a trauma center specializing in trauma and addiction, based in Malibu, CA, or anywhere located in a peaceful environment. If you or a loved one has experienced some form of trauma and is currently battling addiction, you need to find freedom from this devastating hold on your life, get clean, and restart your life.

Childhood Trauma and Addiction are Common

In 2019 a 36 year old man sought addiction treatment at a trauma center for an addiction to opioids brought on by an incident in his youth. This report was highlighted in ‘Psychology Today’ and outlined an incident in which a seven year-old boy’s abusive father pushed him off a dock into a deep lake expecting him to learn to swim. The boy grew up to develop a phobia of water, and as a result was relentlessly teased in his teens for not knowing how to swim, and was ridiculed for his entire childhood. This impacted his self esteem in college, and turned to opioids as a way to deal with his trauma. The young man was eventually cured of his addiction after detoxing, and then going to an out-patient treatment at a trauma center in Malibu.

Trauma and Addiction can Stem from Sexual Assault

Often, victims of sexual assault will develop a change in their personality, and also a cahnge in how they view the people around them. They can become reclusive and avoid interactions with others, andmany turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope. Trauma and addiction are, unfortunately, common with people who have been mollested in their youth, or raped as an adult. Seeking treatment from a trauma center can be the best solution to helping people in these situations.

How Anxiety Centers Help People with Trauma and Addiction

Anxiety treatment centers such as Serenity Trauma offer a wide range of treatments to help people who suffer from trauma and addiction. The treatment will be based on each individual person’s needs. Some of the best treatment approaches for trauma and addiction include family trauma counseling, EMDR therapy, survivor’s guilt PTSD, somatic experiencing, complex PTSD, havening therapy, and other forms of PTSD. You need to have a consultation with an experienced therapist who specializes in trauma and addiction, as only then can you get the best therapeutic approach that will help you overcome your addiction and the pain you experience from the traumatic event you survived.

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