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The different techniques for natural breast augmentation

Over the years, natural breast augmentation has gained popularity among women of all ages. However, when you deal with something as serious as breast enhancement, you would be choosy about the techniques. Experienced surgeons deploy several techniques to naturally augment the breasts. It’s easy to get confused over the variety of options at your disposal. To make things easier for you, we have presented the most popular techniques for natural breast augmentation in this post.

Popular techniques for natural breast augmentation

  • Sub-pectoral or Inframammary fold
  • Peri-aeriolar
  • Trans-axillary
  • Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA)

Sub-pectoral or Inframammary fold

In this process, an incision is made in the fold under the breast. This provides the surgeon with a direct control over the positioning of the implant. This procedure is used in more than 70% of the augmentations. The reason is, this procedure has a low impact on the areas producing milk. The process works perfectly for mothers or older patients. With pregnancy and age, the breasts undergo a natural sag.

In most women, the surgical incision remains hidden due to this natural sag. However, women who are thin, young, and are yet to have kids may have a visible scar, as the area under their breasts do not have crease.


In this type of breast augmentation, the surgeons make an incision close to the nipple-areolar complex. This implies that the scar blends with the areola’s edge. However, women might face issues while breast feeding, since the incision is located close to the areas that produce milk. Following the surgery, they might also experience nipple sensation. For women with small breasts, this is a popular method, as the fold under the breasts is not present in them.


The incision in this case is made in the axilla, or armpit. The surgeons insert the implant below the muscle or above the same. Besides, some of the surgeons deploy an endoscope. This is a tiny fiber-optic camera, that enables them to complete the surgery. Around 10% of all the breast augmentation surgeries follow this process. The benefit of this type of surgery is that you won’t have any visible scar on the breast. However, it might be challenging to insert the implant symmetrically. Therefore, you might need additional incisions even after the surgery. Besides, women wearing sleeveless clothing might get the thickened scars exposed.

Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA)

This is another process of natural breast augmentation and happens to be a comparatively new approach. In this case, the surgeons make an opening through the belly button. They tunnel the endoscope, or camera through this opening to a pocket right under the breast. Then the surgeons use the tunnel to insert the implant and inflate the same with saline.

This treatment is available only for saline implants that are sub granular. However, these implants are more susceptible to damage. The process involves tunneling of one or more muscles. In case any additional surgeries are required, or any complications arise, an additional incision has to be made close to the breast. Since the process is complicated and may lead to different problems, some of the surgeons do not follow this process of breast augmentation.

Consult an experienced surgeon for natural breast augmentation

If you have decided to go for a natural breast augmentation, make sure to consult a reputed surgeon. The professional would advise you on the available options. Apart from the four techniques discussed in this post, you may also decide between textured or non-textured surfaces for the implants. Depending on your preferences and physique, you need to make these decisions. Once you consult the surgeons, they would offer you valuable advice to make an informed decision.

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