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Supplements: The facts vs. The myths

A nutritious and well-balanced diet is the optimal approach to obtain the nutrients we need on a daily basis. For many years, people believed that that vitamins and minerals confer health benefits. People think that having supplements is beneficial for their health. It lowers their chances of having any diseases. The usage of supplements in routine is increasing with every single day. It is very critical to differentiate between the facts and myths when it comes to supplements.

Vitamin C can cure a cold.

Many people stock up their vitamin C supplements like liposomal vitamin C  during the cold season because they think they can avoid cold and flu by having vitamin C but unfortunately, it doesn’t help. However, those people who take liposomal vitamin C or any other vitamin C supplements in their daily routine can somehow reduce the severe symptoms because the main reason for having vitamin C supplements is to boost immunity. With enhanced immunity, you can reduce the risk of contracting viruses like cold and flu. It is true that vitamin C is necessary for immune function and that it aids wound healing. But the most effective approach to maintain your immune system robustly is to eat healthy, especially vitamin C-rich food, fruits, and vegetables.

More the merrier

Our body needs a balanced amount of everything we consume to process it effectively. When we have too much of anything, even if it is healthy, it can harm our bodies and waste our money as well. Therefore vitamin and other supplements can be unhealthy if not taken in a proper amount. Some people think that the more supplements they take, the more effective it is for them. For example, we cannot store excess amounts of water-soluble and liposomal vitamin C in our bodies. If we consume more, it will eliminate by our kidneys through urine and can convert the antioxidant into pro-oxidant. Furthermore, too much vitamin A also affects your liver.

Compensation for poor diet

The simple reality is scientists have not concluded the efficacy of multivitamins. Some people believe that supplements can avoid diseases. Regardless of what you decide to have, getting nourishment first is always the most potent prescription for required nutrients. Scientists are yet to identify many nutrients, and Mother Nature delivers the right balance of vitamins and minerals. While dietary supplements are designed to enhance the diet, we should not use them to replace regular food.

Good marketing is equal to better supplements.

People believe that good marketing, better reviews, and low price supplements are always good for health. However, it is a myth if you think it. Most of the supplement reviews and advertising are paid, which they use to boost their product in the market. Therefore, it is necessary always to buy supplements that are recommended or prescribed by your doctor. Better supplements come from a reputable company that only sells their products to health care providers and is tested and verified with high-quality components.

 Vitamin C supplement helps in absorbing iron.

Vitamin C supplements like liposomal vitamin C helps iron to absorb into the body. According to research, if you take 100mg of liposomal vitamin C supplement with any fat-soluble meal, it can increase almost 70% of iron absorption in your body.

Check the ingredients and dosage.

Several people buy supplements only because the brand is famous or expensive, but they don’t realize that it’s not an appropriate way to select supplements. It is mandatory to go through with the ingredients mentioned on the supplement bottles and check whether it is needed for your body or causes any harm. Also, another most crucial aspect while buying any supplement to check its dosage to avoid over consumption.

All supplements are healthy.

Everything that can cure may also be detrimental. Even though supplements come from nature, they become unnatural when they are processed into pills. Furthermore, nature does not always imply health or efficacy. However, supplements do benefit your health and well-being. Some common examples are:

  • Vitamin D strengthens your bones.
  • Vitamin C boosts your immune system and prevents cells from being destroyed
  • Calcium supplements are necessary for strong bones in older age.
  • Vitamin A enhances your vision.
  • Zinc works best for your skin.

Supplements are unaffected by medicines.

Many people believe that supplements do not affect or interfere with any medications you take, but it is not valid. Many medicines interact with or intensify the effects of supplements you may be taking. To minimize unfavorable interactions, you should provide your physician and pharmacist with a list of any supplements you’re presently taking so they can keep an eye out for possible side effects.

Take the supplement on an empty stomach.

It is a typical fiction among people that they should consume supplements, especially vitamin C, on an empty stomach. However, most vitamins are water-soluble and can easily absorb in your body whenever you take them, regardless of any particular time. You must take other fat-soluble vitamins with meals or after meals.


Having supplements is beneficial and also contains some unavoidable risks. The consumption of supplements brings in some facts as well as myths. Supplements cannot replace a healthy diet. It can be added as an additional nutrient, but it can never compensate for the actual food. Supplements should be supplementary – that means that they increase the advantages of a well-rounded diet already provided. Don’t underestimate what nutrient-packed salad a pill made in a factory can do for you. Vitamins and minerals are imperative for the development and functioning of your body. While many people get everything suggested for healthy eating, others require a little additional nutrient boost. That is where vitamins come in to assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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