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How Much Does An FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

You’ve been looking for FUE hair transplantation cost information? The price is still a primary factor when considering your choices for any cosmetic treatment. Regardless of who you treat, you want to know that your money gets the highest value. You may be overwhelmed with the vast amount of fees or overall quotes you see when first looking at your FUE hair transplantation cost on a search engine. If you are confused about how to count the overall cost, finding out where to get the cheapest deal for a hair transplant can be a challenge for you. Hair Loss Clinic Toronto now makes you go close to your estimated cost, but your need to answer these queries first.

Are you a good candidate for FUE?

Many people believe that someone who has a hair thinning issue immediately goes for a hair transplant. However, such considerations mean you may not be worth the money for your FUE hair transplant, since it will provide deceiving outcomes. Only by consulting a hair restoration specialist, you can get the idea of the correct procedure, and its cost. After knowing your age, gender, scalp laxity, hair density, hair type and color, trauma, and burns, the doctor will tell you the estimated cost.

How many grafts do you require?

Depending on the number of grafts you require, FUE hair transplant costs vary. Your surgeon can take hair follicles out of the back and/or sides of your head during the FUE transplant. They are recognized as grafts. Each graft consists of one to four strands that are implanted in hair loss areas. In general, the expense of the FUE hair transplant per graft is about $4 to $6 plus HST, and then it’s dependent upon your surgeon’s location and experience.

About 500 and 2.500 grafts are implanted normally in patients. You can’t decide with certainty how many grafts you need in front of a surgeon. Your surgeon will perform a scalp test and tell you how many grafts you will need.

Will you need to get other supportive treatments or repeat the procedure?

If you meet a specialist hair transplant surgeon, you should not only be able to schedule your immediate one-time surgery, but also be able to look forward to a long-lasting maintenance process and outcomes that you will enjoy along the way.

Surgeons also prescribe PRP injections associated with the hair transplant (platelet-rich plasma therapy). It will help you maintain your existing hair growth in the future, to support and maintain hair transplant results.

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