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How do I prepare for an eye appointment?

Eye-care is one of the most important things for overall health and wellness. Eye exams are required to help you manage any current eye-related issues, diagnose a problem, or find a solution to a resisting problem. If you have to go in for an eye exam, for any reason, you should be as prepared as you would be for a general medical checkup. Unsure about what you need to do? Here are a few tips to help you prepare for an eye appointment.

  • Keep track of your symptoms

For whatever reason you need an eye exam, one thing is certain –you have some symptoms. By keeping track of each symptom, you are better prepared to answer questions from the optometrist and guide them into giving you a correct diagnosis. There are the typical symptoms like aches, blurry vision, watery eyes, itching, and so on but there are also symptoms like headaches and migraines that could point towards other undiagnosed problems. Keep track of your symptoms and present them at the eye appointment. Don’t be shy at the number or supposed silliness, just tell the doctor everything!

  • Take your prescription eyewear

Your prescription glasses and contacts are one of the main treatment plan for any sight-related eye defect. Make sure to take those prescribed eyewear when going for your appointment so that, after the eye exam, the doctor can tell you if you need to update or maintain the prescription.

  • Note your current medications

In case you are on any medication for any medical problem, not just your eyes, you need to note the medications and let your optometrist know. With that medical information, the doctor will be able to prescribe the right drugs after your eye exam. That way, you can avoid any clash or repeat of medication. From over-the-counter drugs like eye drops, to prescribed medications for a serious eye problem, take note of everything and let your doctor know about it all.

  • Know your family medical history

A lot of health conditions are genetic and hereditary so, to be well-prepared for your eye exam, you need to know your family medical history. Ask questions in your immediate family to know if there is any history of glaucoma, cataracts, strabismus, or any other eye defects. By knowing your family medical history, the optometrist has a better understanding of the problem, if any, and advise you accordingly.

  • Be Honest

The most important part of eye exam preparation is the readiness to be honest. When asked questions about your health and lifestyle, understand that the doctor wants to use the information to help you feel better. Be as honest as you can, without feeling coerced into providing unethical information and your eye exam will get you accurate results that will definitely help you get better.

In addition to these, always make sure to have your I.D. card and insurance documents before going for an eye exam. By sticking to these tips, you are sure to get accurate results with the right prescriptions.

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