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Different methods for hair removal

Methods of hair reduction to a hair-free body. Some people tend to use multiple hair reduction techniques to get rid of excessive body hair. While shaving and waxing are common options, several other methods to get rid of excess hairs are possible.

When it comes to hair removal, there are various approaches to pick from, some more accessible, some more difficult, some more difficult, some longer-lasting than the next.

If you enjoy it, abandon it, eliminate it or despise it, the dynamics around women’s tendencies against their own fuzz are controversial. Some opt to forgo a method of hair removal to allow it grow as planned by itself (it is worth recalling that we grow hair for different reasons: comfort, grooming to friction protection), whereas others chose a method of hair removal to eliminate any strand that grows lower than their eyelashes. Your decision is important and entirely yours.

Methods of hair removal:


Shaving functions at the skin stage by shaving off the scalp. It is the most frequently employed hair removal process. Depending upon your spending, you may select between electronic shavers and disposable razors.

Shaving is painless if you are diligent, not to cut yourself. Verify that you are using shaving cream, soap with sharp blades. Thus you will decrease the risk of getting razor burn or pain aftershave. It is both the least costly and easiest method of extracting unnecessary fur.

You may obtain very smooth skin with the right method and procedure (shaving towards the path of hair growth). But it can develop back very easily since shaving just removes the hair above the skin. Chances are that every couple of days you would need to shave.


In strips, soft, molten wax is added to the skin in the same direction as hair growth, and pulled off in the opposite direction. The heat induces a small dilation of the hair follicles, making it easier to cut the whole hair, including the root.

For a minimum of two weeks of hairlessness, you have to suffer through only a few seconds of pain. And it will grow back like stubble. It would have a tapered edge, rendering the development of hair less noticeable than when you shower. Waxing often leaves the skin still silky, and re-growth of hair would definitely be smoother and stronger with time.

Ingrown hair, especially in the bikini zone, may also be induced by waxing. Exfoliate the skin before waxing to reduce the risk; dead skin cells will clog the hair follicles and lead to the risk of hair development.

Laser Hair Removal:

This high-tech hair removal procedure attacks hair follicles with laser fire, killing them in order to stop potential hair formation. It’s the most costly, but also the most long-lasting, hair removal choice.

Although lasers would sting each time the ray of light was transmitted a few years earlier, they were increasingly pain-free with newer technologies.

On nearly all body areas, including the upper lip, jaw, sidelocks and bikini line, laser hair removal works. The results are greater in beauty when the hair development is smoother. With this process, the hair on the legs and hands can also be handled quickly.


This ancient Middle Eastern hair removal technique has become popular in the US recently. A basic sugar, lemon juice and water formula are used to produce a paste. The paste is applied over the skin and then drawn off in the direction of hair growth, rendering it less uncomfortable than waxing.


Epilation is a form of hair reduction which can be performed at home. It requires utilizing an epilation unit called a battery-operated epilator. To extract it from the follicle, you must position and transfer the epilator on the scalp.

When epilating, you need a higher pain tolerance, since it takes out each hair strand at a time. This implies, throughout the operation, there is a pricking feeling. This is one explanation that many people, while it is an efficient treatment, do not epilate their skin.

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