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Dante Labs Joins Al Farabi Medical Labs To Offer Genomic Testing in Saudi Arabia

It has been determined that Al Farabi Medical Laboratories is one of the most highly regarded hospitals in Saudi Arabia. It is also widely acknowledged that Dante Labs is a pioneering business in genomics, precision medicine, and genomics. They are pleased to announce a new partnership that will allow them to offer a selection of clinical genetic testing to persons in Saudi Arabia.

The current CEO and co-founder of Dante Labs, Andrea Riposati, has voiced his excitement at offering cutting-edge genetic testing services in collaboration with Al Farabi Medical Labs. “We are happy to assist Al Farabi Medical Labs at this exciting time in the company’s growth and progress toward achieving its goal. Together, we are working toward making it possible for individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to get medical treatment based entirely on their full genomes. This is our collective goal.

The founder of Al Farabi and the company’s current general manager, Dr. Mohamed Marie, stated: “It gives us great pleasure to put the knowledge and capabilities of Dante Labs’ technology to use in Saudi Arabia. The well-known medical research institution Al Farabi is located in more than 50 different places around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our collaboration with Dante Labs includes not only the examination of genetic material but also the manufacture of several additional genomic products. We will aim to deliver the highest possible level of care to each of our patients, just as it is the mission of every other type of healthcare provider.

Information About Dante Labs

Dante Labs is a multinational corporation that focuses on providing information related to genetics. They are developing and commercializing a new category of products that will change the game regarding health and lifespan. These applications are based on the sequencing of whole genomes. Because of its platform, the company can provide improved patient outcomes, preventative care, enhanced diagnostics, more individualized treatment plans, and greater patient care. The company possesses several assets, such as a private genome database that is ranked at the top and has been approved for research, proprietary software that can unlock the power and scale of genomic data, and one-of-a-kind technologies that enable businesses to take individualized approaches to genomic sequencing.

Information About Al Farabi Medical Labs

Since the company’s founding, Al Farabi Medical Labs has pursued and continues to execute the strategy of attracting and locally identifying the newest and best diagnostic processes to assist with difficult medical equations. This strategy also continues to be in use today. These include a quick turnaround time, high-performance standards, and competitive pricing concerning the service being provided. In order to guarantee that it satisfies all worldwide and local requirements for quality and safety, Al Farabi Medical Labs has implemented a stringent policy, and it has received accreditations from JCI and CBAHI.

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