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Brief Note on Alcohol Use Disorder

No doubt that alcohol use disorder is a medical condition that is caused because of consuming excessive alcoholic drinks regularly. It causes both physical and mental health problems, which sometimes lead to the death of the person if left untreated. AUD, as it is commonly known can be successfully treated by enlisting as a patient of a reputed rehab center.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation rehab center is one of the best health care establishments to provide you with successful treatment to evade getting entangled in the web of alcoholism. You can know more about their credentials by reading Hazelden Betty Ford reviews from their official website.

Alcohol Use Disorder:

  • People suffering from AUD can’t stop drinking alcoholic drinks even if it affects their health adversely. It starts with mild health issues and symptoms, but quickly the person finds themselves in grave medical conditions. This condition is known as alcohol dependence and even abuse of alcohol.
  • The excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks can lead to brain damage like dementia, blackouts, depression, mood swings and affect body organs like liver, stomach, mouth and colon. It may even lead to enduring cancer symptoms.
  • The causes can be many like genetics, experiencing emotional trauma, family history, child abuse negative effects and more.
  • The person starts drinking alcoholic beverages regularly more in quantity. It is because the craving for alcohol increases day by day.
  • The withdrawal symptoms won’t let them cut the consumption of alcohol even if desired to end drinking forever.

The only solution to be safe from enduring AUD is to join a rehab center to gain the right treatment for enjoying safe and healthy living. They can be safe from withdrawal symptoms and health problems. Thus, don’t hesitate to join a reputed rehab center near you if you are troubled with Alcohol Use Disorder.

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