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A Short Guide about Facelift Toronto

Aging is a natural process, but it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything to slow down this process. Even though, many of us strive to maintain aging with healthy lifestyle choices and skincare. However, according to a Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Toronto, the non-surgical solutions are not enough to have long-term effects.


A facelift is a surgery that “lifts” the skin under the face and neck to remove any sagging skin. It is also known as a rhytidectomy. When the skin is stretched back to its youthful state, it shows a decline in wrinkles. A standard facelift works on the neck and the face, but other treatments, including the lids, the brow, the chin, and other parts of the face may also be included.

When should I go with a facelift?

Your skin will start to lose elasticity when you get old and this will lead to a loss of volume and saggy skin in your face. One of the most serious complications is that patients grow so-called “jowls,” where the face skin falls around the chin and neck. When you don’t like the way your face and neck began to look, or if you find your neck showing a frown, and covering your neck with scarves or high-color shirts, you need to undergo the facelift.

Different Types of Facelifts

You may be stunned to know that there is not just one type of facelift, but actually, there are two.


A Mini-Facelift is built for patients who have a little skin sagging. The treatment is less invasive and tightens your loose skin and leaves an even more relaxing look. It can be used to detect the early symptoms of aging before development, which makes it less apparent you’ve had a task done.

Traditional Facelift

More than the mini version, the traditional facelift is included. It is used to treat progressive symptoms of aging around the face and neck. It takes a longer healing time as the treatment itself is more involved than a mini facelift is.   It smoothes and extracts extra skin, and makes you younger.

The longevity of the Procedure

As long as a facelift takes years off from your face, it won’t stay the same forever. When you grow old, your skin begins to age again, leading to a gradual natural development of aging.

Some people prefer another facelift several years after initial surgery, but there are also some other things to do to boost their longevity of your appearance. Healthy eating, weight control, and a skincare regime can also contribute to your facial look.

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