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A Common Non-Surgical Procedure For The Lips

Wiggle your lips Botox, the newest trend in Canadian cosmetics, could be the secret to a fuller pout at minimal cost. Although the following information is probably not news to you, it will explain why Lip Flip Toronto has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Not everyone craves plumper pouts; some prefer subtle, natural enhancements that don’t look out of place.

An injection of Botox into the lips can temporarily cause the upper lip to roll outward. Lips may appear fuller when the mucosal tissue of the mouth, which is pink, is more noticeable. There are no cuts or scars required for this moderate improvement to last for about two months.

Can you explain the benefits?

Botox cosmetic is injected into the lips during a Lip Flip procedure to temporarily reduce lip movement. This results in a subtle upward rolling or flipping of the lips. Several advantages of Lip flip treatment include the following:

  • It makes the upper lip appear fuller.

Improvements include: less of a “gummy” smile, less noticeable fine lines around the upper lip, and faster healing time.

With dermal fillers, you can enhance your lips at a lower cost and without the hassle of a recovery time.

Explain how this process is carried out.

The Lip Flip method requires no anaesthesia or cutting, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. Before beginning the procedure, your doctor will disinfect the operating room. The use of a topical numbing cream to aid in relaxation is sometimes done, but it is generally not seen as necessary.

When performing the Lip Flip, small amounts of BOTOX are injected into various points in the upper corners of your mouth. This temporary release of pressure around the upper lip causes the upper lip to slide outward and smooths out vertical lines.

When can we expect the recovery?

Following therapy, you will be able to immediately return to your regular routine. It’s best to avoid doing any exercises that require you to be in an inverted position on the day of therapy. Upper lip swelling is normal in the first few days. After a few days, it should go away on its own, and in the meantime, a cold compress can help. After 10-14 days, the full effect should be noticeable. Longer than 6 months, the effects remain constant. After six months, you may want to repeat the process once.

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