I highly recommend booking Tish for your next recruitment event

I met Patricia (Tish) Conlin by accident through Dave Nerz from NPA in November 2013 when he connected us for coaching from a session he had won. I started working with Tish and was immediately impressed with her energy, passion and drive. We continued with coaching in 2014 and I was amazed by her tenacity and hunger to achieve her goals. One of them she identified was to finish her book and start speaking to recruiters and business professionals about health and success.

The other was to build an incredible recruitment firm and relationships with others. As I have continued to work with Tish, I grow to see that not only is she an incredible recruiter, but she is also incredibly genuine, kind and caring. In her work and in her life, she considers others feelings and needs and makes every effort to build incredible collaborative relationships. Her work as a Health Coach and Speaker is important for our industry and her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. She has just completed a great on-line course for recruiters and is a high-energy speaker on many recruiter topics.

I highly recommend booking Tish for your next recruitment event and know you will be thrilled with the range of topics and new content that she delivers.”

Jon Bartos

Founding Partner

The Global Performance Group