Her dynamic and passionate personality really engaged the group

We recently hired Patricia Conlin as a Speaker and Trainer for an  off-site management  team meeting recently. She spent the afternoon training our team on how to be better leaders and had an interactive work-shop with hand-outs and discussion to teach how to increase energy, get more movement and motivation in our days, increase focus and boost leadership and engagement with Emotional Intelligence tools. Her dynamic and passionate personality really engaged the group and her content was excellent. We look forward to bringing Patricia back to focus in more depth on some of the key areas of leadership training programs. I highly recommend Patricia’s Corporate training, workshops and on-line training programs.

Roy Hart
Chief Information Officer
Seneca College

I highly recommend booking Tish for your next recruitment event

I met Patricia (Tish) Conlin by accident through Dave Nerz from NPA in November 2013 when he connected us for coaching from a session he had won. I started working with Tish and was immediately impressed with her energy, passion and drive. We continued with coaching in 2014 and I was amazed by her tenacity and hunger to achieve her goals. One of them she identified was to finish her book and start speaking to recruiters and business professionals about health and success.

The other was to build an incredible recruitment firm and relationships with others. As I have continued to work with Tish, I grow to see that not only is she an incredible recruiter, but she is also incredibly genuine, kind and caring. In her work and in her life, she considers others feelings and needs and makes every effort to build incredible collaborative relationships. Her work as a Health Coach and Speaker is important for our industry and her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. She has just completed a great on-line course for recruiters and is a high-energy speaker on many recruiter topics.

I highly recommend booking Tish for your next recruitment event and know you will be thrilled with the range of topics and new content that she delivers.”

Jon Bartos

Founding Partner

The Global Performance Group

Increase billings and improve health and happiness

January 2015:

“Recruitment can be a high pressure competitive business and we sometimes neglect our health trying to make the next placement. Patricia has inspired me to use her health strategies to improve my life and I can’t believe it but they are helping improve my recruitment performance as well!  Patricia is an incredibly passionate and compassionate person who knows the pain that recruiters feel and offers practical tips in many health and work areas to help increase billings and improve health and happiness. She is a great coach and is has been great to get to know her!”

Walter Sima,
Manager, Recruitment, Mississauga, David Aplin Group

A sign of real professionalism

January 2015:

I attended your lively Webinar and enjoyed all new facts presented by you during session.  The content of any presentation is important for sure but the presenter has to spice up the recipe as well to keep audience awake. Your natural ability of voice modulation made this session very entertaining and made me eager to know more. The session ended within 45 minutes which was a sign of real professionalism.(after that normally audience start looking for a coffee machine within the premises.) I am surprised to know that even recruiters are stressed out just like job seekers. I guess we both are two sides of same coin.."THE EMPLOYER"...

Mahesh P, Toronto

Informative, interesting and helpful

July , 2014:

“Patricia was a great and inspirational speaker and her content was informative and easy to understand!” Sarah H

“Patricia gave some great information on improving health with diet, exercise and stress management tips and her talk were informative, interesting and helpful!” Sharon A

“Patricia is a great Speaker. It was fun having her at our office today.” K Martin

“Patricia really knows her stuff! She is an engaging Speaker with great achievable tips for health in the workplace.”

D Benson

Start setting real health goals

July 2014:

“I loved Patricia’s webinar. It showed me ways to become healthier and increase my energy during the day. She was fun and full of knowledge and I would definitely tune in to listen to her again!”

“Patricia’s webinar was inspirational. I will now start setting real health goals and implementing some her 10 tips to become healthier and more successful.”

“I loved the webinar. Patricia presented a lot of new information and gave me great practical tips. She was warm and engaging and made it fun to listen to her speak. Great job!”

An engaging and inspirational speaker.

August 2014:

“We all appreciated Patricia coming out to speak with us today. She was down-to-earth, funny and loaded with practical tips. I really liked the fact that she is both a recruiter and a Nutritionist so she really gets what the business is all about. I could totally relate to her stories and found her information invaluable. Thanks again for her great tips.”

“Patricia is an engaging and inspirational speaker. The hour just flew by and she was funny and informative. I really enjoyed listening to her and hope she visits our recruitment office again soon!”

“Patricia has hit on an important topic for recruiters and everyone. Without our health, it is impossible to be successful. She was insightful and understood our business, current trends and answered a ton of health questions for us all. A great hour and an important reminder of the importance of taking responsibility for our health.”

“Wow! I loved Patricia’s talk today. Totally unique and she is so dynamic and powerful in her delivery!’ Sign me up for another session with her soon!!”

Great information and presentation

Oct, 2014:

“Great information and presentation. It was an important reminder of the importance of health for success.  I liked the energy of her presentation and she gave us some great Tips too!”

Andre G


Funny and engaging

October 2014:

“Patricia is a great presenter. She was funny and engaging and knows a ton about health and recruitment. Great tips.”

Chris H