G: GMO Labeling Has Its Day In Court

GMO Labeling Has Its Day In Court.

(G) GMOs are not providing more food for the hungry. They use more water and more pesticides and the evidence is overwhelming that they are connected to allergies, leaky gut, auto-immune conditions and reduced nutrient values...Why should we support a increased monopoly by large chemical companies on our food system? Let's get GMOs labelled so we all have the right to choose and know what is in our food.


G: Is Monsanto Giving Up on GMOs? | Mother Jones

Is Monsanto Giving Up on GMOs? | Mother Jones.

(G) Can the big tech food company Monsanto be giving up on GMOs? Maybe the evidence of the plants requiring more chemicals and pesticides, more water, being less hardy and resistant, having fewer nutrients and actually not leading to a sustained yield increase have finally convinced them to change the plan! Plus countless countries are rejecting GMOs based on health concerns and skyrocketing allergies so this may be good news indeed!