An engaging and inspirational speaker.

August 2014:

“We all appreciated Patricia coming out to speak with us today. She was down-to-earth, funny and loaded with practical tips. I really liked the fact that she is both a recruiter and a Nutritionist so she really gets what the business is all about. I could totally relate to her stories and found her information invaluable. Thanks again for her great tips.”

“Patricia is an engaging and inspirational speaker. The hour just flew by and she was funny and informative. I really enjoyed listening to her and hope she visits our recruitment office again soon!”

“Patricia has hit on an important topic for recruiters and everyone. Without our health, it is impossible to be successful. She was insightful and understood our business, current trends and answered a ton of health questions for us all. A great hour and an important reminder of the importance of taking responsibility for our health.”

“Wow! I loved Patricia’s talk today. Totally unique and she is so dynamic and powerful in her delivery!’ Sign me up for another session with her soon!!”