About Patricia Conlin


My name is Patricia (Tish) Conlin and it‘s my privilege to pass along the tips and strategies I’ve researched for years that will boost your confidence and success and help you achieve your goals and dreams. Whether it is a new superfood, a tip for a quick exercise at your desk or a communication strategy that will help you land a big client or talk to a difficult co-worker or a delicious recipe, I have a ton of content and hope to help you on your journey to Health and Success!!!

Can I help you? Absolutely!
My passion for Health, Nutrition and Success has resulted in me becoming a Registered Nutritionist and Author (ABC’s of Food - Boost your Energy, Confidence and Success with the Power of Nutrition). I also am a successful Business Owner, Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Black Belt Martial Artist and mother of two.

Eating right and ensuring we nurture ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally is something I truly believe in for success in all areas of life. Every health choice we make affects our body’s energy, our emotions and thoughts and the statistics are not very positive about illness and diet-related disease in many Western countries. My goal is to give you great information on better health choices that are easy to make to give you more energy and make you feel healthier and happier.

Thanks for visiting my site!

Please feel free to email questions, comments or suggestions for topics that are of interest to you at [email patricia@abcshealth2success.com]