About ABCs of Food

Like many of us, Patricia Conlin has had a life-long love of food and eating. But as life got busy with work and family, she cut a few corners to get dinner on the table quickly and keep exercise in her life. While she thought she was still providing healthy meals for her growing young boys, she soon learned the truth – that faster food leads to lower levels of energy and immune function.

Patricia discovered that mastering a few nutrition and health strategies could dramatically increase her success and joy of life. And now she shares these learnings with you in ABCs of Food. This easy-to-read book combines humorous stories with helpful ideas and informed insights on a plethora of topics, including allergies, power foods for fighting illness, cooking tips, and lifestyle and health tips that will increase your energy and confidence and reduce stress and brain-fog.

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Patricia discusses the nutritional content and benefits of eating a colossal number of foods from A to Z. Her section on nutrients gets to the heart of the massive and often confusing information available today. And the recipes will delight your taste buds and inspire you. You’ll want to read ABCs of Food from cover to cover and then keep it on your shelf for easy reference. Discover the powerful link between your health and well-being and the food you eat.

Patricia Conlin, president and founder of Global Consulting Group Inc., delivers quality HR and Health2Success training solutions. In 2015, Patricia was selected as a finalist for a prestigious Toronto Business Leader Award for Wellness. She coaches companies and individuals on improving health and success and is an inspirational speaker on a range of health and business topics. Visit www.abcshealth2success.com to learn more about her Transformational Health and Success programs.