ABCs of Team Success: Energize and Engage



We’ve all been there. Morning sluggishness. Afternoon burnout. Deadlines manage to both loom and drag. product meetings give way to roundtables of negativity. Disengagement hangs like a heavy fog in the office air. A memo circulates through your teams, reminding them to stay positive—like a leaf thrown at a train in hopes of pushing it forward. Stress in your team can cost your organization untold thousands of dollars.

What if you could address disengagement amongst your team in a novel and effective way? Imagine your team energized, enthusiastic, and laser-focused on producing the results that matter, all without resorting to memos and pep talks?

We’ve developed an entirely new program called Energize and Engage. It’s the result of radical collaboration, bringing best-practice research, facilitation and insight into the nature of engagement. It’s an experience for your team unlike anything that we’ve ever crafted!


Free Copy of ‘ABCs of Food’

book_cover Every Energize & Engage participant will receive a FREE copy of Patricia Conlin’s book ‘ABCs of Food’.

This easy-to-read book discusses the nutritional content and benefits of eating a colossal number of foods from A to Z. Her section on nutrients gets to the heart of the massive and often confusing information available today.

See an extract from ‘ABCs of Food’
‘ABCs of Food’ on Amazon

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Energize & Engage – The Benefits


Learn powerful ways to energize individuals and teams through nutrition and energy management strategies.


Encourages teams to identify gaps in communication and become more cohesive and productive with Emotional Intelligence tools.


Stimulates innovative approaches to creating movement and momentum every day.


Fosters new approaches to reducing workplace stress and improving team resilience.


Teaches creative problem solving and conflict management approaches.

Patricia Conlin HBA, RHN

173679ePatricia Conlin attended the University of Western Ontario with an entrance scholarship in Food Science and graduated with an Honours degree (HBA).
Patricia founded Global Consulting Group Inc. in 1991 with a vision of creating a company that provides strategic Human Resources services. For the past two decades she has delivered quality solutions for recruitment, retention and transition for a long list of loyal clients ranging from large national corporations to small local innovators. Her passion, strategic focus and professionalism have established her as an outstanding leader, mentor, and enduring business professional.
Patricia also heads up the Workplace Wellness Solutions division of Global Consulting Group (GCG). Her passion for health and personal development led Patricia to become an energetic and engaging public speaker on Improving Success through Health strategies. Patricia became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) to help others achieve their highest health and career potential and coaches business professionals all over North America with a comprehensive program for Health and Success. She has written a book, available on Amazon and other sites: ABCs of Food: Boost your Energy, Confidence and Success with the Power of Nutrition She was nominated for a Toronto Business Leader Award in 2015 for Wellness.
Patricia is a Certified Emotional Intelligence (EI) Trainer and has corporate workshops called Energize and Engage for companies all over North America. She was nominated for a Toronto Business Leader Award in 2015 for Wellness.
Patricia speaks French, German and some Spanish. She was the first woman in Canada to earn a Black Belt in the Martial Art of Shoot Wrestling, awarded after 10 years of dedicated training and competition. She was selected in 1992 to be a part of the Canadian Olympic Team going to Barcelona as an Administrator and to represent Canada as part of an International contingent assisting youth development in Russia through UNESCO. She plays competitive soccer and is an active member of her community. She has two boys and is a dedicated mother.
To book Patricia for an inspirational public speaking engagement or to learn more about the Health and Success Coaching program for your organization, please contact her at or 905-472-9677 x241